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Private Label Colored Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions LM

OBEYA or your own brand
Main market
USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Poland, German, Japan, Russia and so on
Delivery time
5-7 days
one tray have one color,one tray have two colors and so on
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Customzed packaging accepted

Our Colored easy fan lashes are made of premium PBT silk fiber,very soft and light,like a feather.we can do 0.07mm thickness,C/D curl,different 8 popular colors.Self fanning in one second,save your time and standard curvature and long-lasting.Also we will provide private label for bulk order.

Amazing!So Many Beautiful Colors for Easy Fan Lashes!!

Private Label Colored Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions

Colored Easy Fan Lashes Specification

colored easy fan lashes01.jpg

Our colored easy fan lashes, as shown as above picture, we can do 0.07mm thickness, C/D curl, 8-15mm length. There have different 8 popular colors per tray, including Neon Pink*2 rows, Neon Orange*1, Neon Yellow*1, Purple*2, Blue*2, White*2, Ombre color*2, total 12 rows one tray. The colors can select according to the customer's requirements. 

Colored Easy Fan Lashes Details

colored easy fan lashes04.jpg

Our Colored easy fan lashes use special dyeing process, bright vibrant colors will keep long time. Self fanning in one second, save your time; and standard curvature and long-lasting, double heating technology; also they are made of premium PBT silk fiber, very soft and light, like a feather.

Colored Easy Fan Lashes LOOK

colored easy fan lashes05.jpg

When grafting these 8 different colored easy fans on eyes, like this picture, looks very beautiful and gorgeous! You can mix different colors you like, grafting on your eyes, that make you become unique and beautiful, get more attention from other people. Welcome to choose your favorite colored easy fan lashes.

Colored Easy Fan Lashes Private Label

colored easy fan lashes06.jpg

If you like our colored easy fan lashes, we can provide sample first to you for test. If you are satisfied with it, want to wholesale with your own brand logo, we can do private label. Firstly, you can choose the outer box for your colored easy fan lashes; Secondly choose the type of the paper cards for colored easy fan lashes; Then choose design of the paper card for colored easy fan lashes. If you want know more details of private label, please feel free to contact us.

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YY lashes07.jpg

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lash primer08.jpg

Except colored easy fan lashes, we also have many other different eyelash extensions, YY lash extensions, Long stem premade fans, and volume lashes, classic lashes, flat lashes, colored flat lashes, real mink lash extensions. Also we have lots of lash extension tools, like lash primer, lash bonder, gel remover for lash extension, lash glue, tweezers, brushes and so on.


Q. What are private label eyelash extensions?

A: Private label eyelash extensions are extensions that are by a lash extension supplier but sold under the name of a retailer or salon. This allows to create their own branded lash extension line.

Q. What colors do private extensions come in?  

A: Private label extensions usually come in a variety of natural and fashion colors. Common colors include black, brown, dark brown, light brown, blonde, platinum, gray,,, blue, green, etc. The exact color options can be customized.

Q. How do I private label eyelash extensions?

A: To private label eyelash extensions, you work with a supplier to design, choose colors, set minimum order quantities, and have the extensions manufactured with your logo on the packaging. The supplier handles production and shipping to you.

Q. What type of eyelash extensions are best for private labeling?

A: Easy fan/featherash usually the best for private labeling, as they are quick and easy for lash technicians to apply Volume and 3Dink require more advanced skills and take longer to apply. Easy fan lashes also more cost effective to produce and in bulk resale.

Q. How do I brand my private label eyel?  

A: If you want to design custom packaging that displays your brand name, logo, colors, etc. You can also add branding stickers or labels directly onto the extension trays. Make sure any branding and labeling meets supplier printing minimums. It's also a good to create business cards, flyers, and website content promoting your branded lash line. 

Q. Is the life of private label eyelash extensions?

A: Properly stored, private label eyelash extensions can last 12-18 months. They should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Check for brittleness, discoloration or other signs of degradation before. Always follow first in first outFI) inventory practices

Q. How do I price my private label eyelash extensions for resale?

A: Pricing will depend on your costs, market rates, desired profit margins, and target customer base. On average, easy fan lash extensions for80-150 per set application. You'll want to them up at least 2-x your landed cost per unit. Undercutting competitors' prices too much can your brand perception. 

Q. What services do private label eyel extension suppliers?

A: Reliable suppliers provide design assistance, custom packaging, minimum orderment, shipping and logistics support, marketing templates, education on application and aftercare, and ongoing customer Many also offersign and payment plan options. Look for suppliers with good industry reputation and shipping reliability.

Q. How do and promote my private label eyelash?

A: Create a website and social media pages promoting your brand. Advertise on search engines and local business directories Partner with influencers for sponsored posts. Offer discounts, bundles and loyalty programs Display samples and brochures in your treatment area. within the beauty industry attending trade shows and seminars. Word-of-mouth is also very effective.

Q. How do I store private label eyelash extensions properly?

A: Store in a, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight which can cause. Keep in sealed packaging until ready to. Follow FIFO and discard expired stock. Individual trays be kept sealed in airtight containers with silica gel packs to absorb moisture Proper storage helps ensure maximum freshness and performance. 

Q. What is the shelf life once eyelash extensions are opened? 

A: Once opened, private label eyelash extensions have a shelf life of 3-6 months stored properly Keep individual trays sealed when not in use. Discard any extensions that brittle, discolored or degraded before applying to a client. Proper handling and storage helps maximize usability of stock.

If you are intereted in any our products, please do not hesitate to cantact me!

Email: minklash@emedaeyelash.com

Whatsapp: +86 13573804926

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