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Mink lashes

Mink eyelashes are made of mink hairs as row materials.Usually mink hairs are gottten from the natural falling hairs of tail fur and a few back hairs. Mink fur is often taken from the artificial minks that is the artificial American minks. 

What advantages do mink eyelashes have?

1.The structure of mink is much closer to people's hair.

2.Mink is softer and natural than other fur materials.

3.The late machinability of minks is strong,which can reach the 3D effect.

The way to wear mink eyelashes:

1.Compare the length of own eyeliner, trim extra eyeliner.

2.Evenly and thinnly apply the professional glue of wearing eyelashes on the surface of eyeliner. Rest for a moment and wait for glue to air dry.

3.Clip eyelash root with an eyelash tweezer,and let eyeliner of eyelashes be suitbale for own upper eyelid.Properly adjust the position around when apply to the eyeliners, suitable for own dress requirement.

4.If there is still demand,you can properly lay on some mascara or properly paint some eyeliner again.

The way to protect mink eyelashes

1.The remaining glue should be washed out with warm water every time it is worn, and the residual glue shall be washed with warm water, and the ink is naturally air-dried.

2.Then put the eyelashes back in the original eyelash bracket and put them in the shade and dry out for preservation. 

3.Because the eyelashes of mink are made of natural hair, the contact with water is minimized in the process of use, otherwise it is easy for the hair to become irritable.

The delivery guarantee of mink eyelashes

We have more than 200 workers,which is the guarantee of fast delivery.Moreover,some the best seller are prepared in our stock.

We can assure the quantities according to customers'styles.Usually other suppliers do not have stocks,because they do not have confidence in own products because of poor quality.If nobody buys stocks,it will be astoblished.Therefore,no stock is a good way to judge if he is a good supplier.

Continuously update eyelash styles in Obeya

We have many designers and a professional designing team. They ceaselessly study fashion tendency and look for inspiration to manufacture the most popular mink eyelashes,which give us the most advantage to compete.We can catch the market and win more profit and value for customers.

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