Obeya lashes
We are professional manufacturer and vendor of different kinds of private label lashes: eyelash extensions, russian lashes, mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools since 2002

3D silk false eyelashes

We are 3D silk false lashes manufacturer and suppliers china.Mink fur as row materials of eyelashes appear in 2011,most of market is artificial silk eyelashes at that time,which is what we call oridinary eyelashes.But this artificial eyelash have no hair peak,the texture is not soft and some poor silk eyelashes are harm to eyes.

To solve this problem and solve customers'demand,our factory use mink fur as row materials at home.Mink fur is closer to human hair,the texture is soft and the fur is purely natural.So it is more suitable for people to wear.

Mink fur in the current market is nearly all from artificial American minks,and the tail fur of a mink is the best to be made eyelashes.Usually eyelashes made by mink fur are the high-end products in eyelash insdustry.

So to sum up,mink eyelashes are better,this is the biggest difference.

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