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Colored Eyelash Extensions Mix Color Easy Fan Lashes Private Label LM

OBEYA or your own brand
100 boxes
Main market
USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Poland, German, Japan, Russia and so on
Delivery time
5-7 days
Three blue color mix:light blue,sky blue,royal blue.
Model Number
D curl
Customzed packaging accepted

Our Colored Easy fan lashes are made of high-quality korean PBT material,they are very Soft,light and comfortable,as a feather.Also we can do private label,design according to your request.Three mix color looks very fashion,after grafting can make your eyes become more beautiful!

Amazing!Many Different Colors Easy Fan Lashes!

Colored Eyelash Extensions Mix Color Easy Fan Lashes Vendors

Mix Colored Easy Fan Lashes Specification

colored easy fan lashes02.jpg

Colored eyelash extensions, specifically mix color easy fan lashes, are a trendy and eye-catching option for those looking to enhance their lash game.

Mix color easy fan lashes are a type of colored eyelash extension that is designed to create a multi-dimensional and gradient effect. These lashes come in pre-made fans, which are clusters of lashes that are already fanned out and ready for application. The fans consist of lashes in different colors, allowing for a mix of hues and shades within each fan. This creates a stunning and dynamic look that adds depth and dimension to your lashes.

Our Colored Easy fan lashes are made of high-quality korean PBT material, easy to use.Including three mix blue color: light blue,sky blue and royal blue. 0.07mm thickness,D curl,one color have four lines,total 12 lines in one tray,as shown as above picture,and colors look very beautiful! 

Colored Easy Fan lashes Private Label

colored easy fan lashes01.jpg

We can do private label with Colored Easy Fan Lashes.Below details for your reference: 

1.Choose the type of paper cards;

2.Send us your logo,or tell us your design ideas of how it look like;

3.Our professional designer will make artwork design according to your needs;

4.Then we will send you the artwork design,you can check and confirm the final artwork design;

5.Choose the outer box for colored easy fan lashes;

6.Put them into your bulk order production.    

Advantages of Private Label Colored Eyelash Extensions Mix Color Easy Fan Lashes

Branding Opportunities: Private labeling allows you to create a unique brand identity for your colored eyelash extensions. You can design custom packaging, add your logo or label, and create a cohesive brand image. This can help differentiate your product in the market and build brand recognition.

Customization: With private label colored eyelash extensions, you have the flexibility to customize the product according to your preferences and target audience. You can choose the specific colors, lengths, thicknesses, and curl types that align with your brand or cater to your clients' needs. This customization allows you to offer a unique and tailored product.

Quality Control: Private labeling gives you control over the quality of the colored eyelash extensions. You can ensure that the lashes are made from high-quality materials and meet your desired standards. This allows you to provide a reliable and consistent product to your customers, building trust and loyalty.

Business Growth: Private labeling colored eyelash extensions can be a strategic move for business growth. It allows you to expand your product offerings, attract new customers, and potentially increase revenue. With a unique and branded product, you can stand out in the market and capture a niche audience.

If you want know more details,just contact us!                                                              

Colored Easy Fan Lashes Advantages

colored easy fan lashes03.jpg

Our Colored Easy Fan Lashes is very Soft, light and comfortable,as a feather.No harm to client's skins or eyes. Special dyeing process and bright vibrant color,the color soes not fade. Also can keep the curl long time.Perfect for makeup salon,cosmetic school and personal lash artists.

How Customer LOOK with Colored Easy fan Lashes?

colored easy fan lashes04.jpg

After grafting our colored easy fan lashes,so fashion and beautiful colors will make your eyes become more gorgeous! Whether it's a party, a holiday, a trip, daliy, or any different occasion, it can make you unique and get more attention!Welcome to choose colored easy fans lashes!!

Unique and Eye-Catching Look: Colored eyelash extensions, especially mix color easy fan lashes, offer a unique and eye-catching look. The combination of different colors within each fan creates a beautiful gradient effect that can make your eyes stand out and draw attention. It's a great way to express your creativity and add a touch of personality to your overall appearance.

Versatility in Style: With colored eyelash extensions, you have the flexibility to experiment with different styles and looks. You can choose to apply them as accents to your natural lashes, creating a subtle pop of color, or go for a more dramatic and bold look by applying them throughout your lash line. The versatility allows you to customize your lash style according to your mood, occasion, or personal preference.

Enhances Eye Color: Colored eyelash extensions can enhance your natural eye color and make it more pronounced. By choosing a color that complements your eyes, you can create a beautiful contrast that makes your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. For example, blue or purple extensions can make blue eyes pop, while green or gold extensions can enhance green or hazel eyes.

Temporary and Reversible: Colored eyelash extensions are typically applied using temporary adhesive, which means they can be easily removed without causing any damage to your natural lashes. This allows you to enjoy the colorful look for a specific event or period of time and then revert back to your natural lashes if desired. It's a fun and temporary way to experiment with different looks without any long-term commitment.

Professional-Quality Results: Mix color easy fan lashes are designed to create a professional-quality lash look. The pre-made fans ensure that the lashes are evenly spaced and fanned out, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking application. This makes it easier for both beginners and experienced lash enthusiasts to achieve a flawless and professional result.

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Except mix blue color easy fan lashes,we also have many other different colored eyelash extension,single color or one root have two different color.Various colors you can choose,if you want know more our colored eyelash extensions,please contact us for free,we are happy to answer you.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

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Name: Mary        time:2022-07-27 18:33:41
These colored lashes are beautiful and colors are true to picture and description.They also fan so easy! And very light and vibrant so worth trying out.

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