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Best eyelash extension glue for self application

The eyelash glue can help to create long-lasting eyelashes, and protect your real eyelashes, the eyelash extension adhesive is easy to handle, can eyelash extension glue is easy to handle, with proper viscosity and easy-to-use eyelash extension glue, which can effectively fix your eyelashes and bring you a quality experience.


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  • Brand : OBEYA
  • MOQ : 1 PC
  • Price : 7.2USD
  • Main market : US、Europe、Australia、France and so on

Best eyelash extension glue for self application


- FUMES: No Fumes 

- COLOR: Deep Black

- HOLD TIME: Up to 2.5 weeks

- DRY TIME: 8-10 seconds

- VISCOSITY: Medium 

- HUMIDITY: 40-60%

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The waterproof lash extension tool can protect your eyes. This professional eyelash extender is one of the best choices for professional eyelash artists. It has stable fixing performance, effectively fixes your eyelash extensions, and makes your eyelashes more natural and charming. The lash extension supplies can dry fast and stick firmly, not easy to fall and more natural and charming, easy to use, eyelash extender is easy to use, can effectively keep the mouth of the bottle clean, extend and increase the use time of eyelash extension gel, and can effectively maintain the quality of eyelash extension gel.


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