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2024 New 3DV 5DW Sandwich Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions Save Your Time

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0.07 mm
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8-15 mm
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In 2024, Obeya has new YY W clover premade fans, it belongs to eyelash extensions, but already premade. It has 3DV sandwich, 4D clover, 4DW,5D, 5DV, 5DW, 6D, 7D. Unlike normal sandwich clover lashes, it is tree like shape. The thickness is 0.07mm, curl C D, length 8-15mm. 3DV means it has 3 hairs into 1 fans, and the middle part is two-ply hairs, 5DW means it has 5 hairs into 1 fans, and each hair has 2 hairs. It uses weaving technique,with long base, easy to pick up, and not easy to loose roots. It can save your time and energy, you can use it directly without making fans by yourself.

2024 New 3DV 5DW Sandwich Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions Save Your Time


Introduction of Sandwich Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of beauty enhancement in 2024, where the latest innovation, the 3DV 4D Sandwich Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions, is revolutionizing the way we approach eyelash styling. In this fast-paced era, time is a precious commodity, and these premade fans are designed to save you valuable minutes while delivering stunning results.

Sandwich Premade Fans, these extraordinary extensions bring a new dimension to lash styling, presenting a unique tree-like shape that combines three individual hairs into one fan. What sets these lashes apart is the meticulous craftsmanship that creates a middle section with two-ply hairs, forming a visually stunning and naturally voluminous appearance


Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, the Sandwich Premade Fans offer a tree-like shape that beautifully mimics the organic growth of natural lashes. This innovative design not only enhances volume but also provides a striking texture and dimension that will captivate anyone who beholds your lashes.

The high-quality synthetic hair material used in these extensions ensures a luxurious and luscious feel, resembling the softness and flexibility of natural lashes. The result is a seamless integration with your own lashes, creating a look that is both glamorous and effortlessly natural.

Weaved with care, these eyelash extensions boast a blend of artistry and high-quality materials, making them a top choice for lash artists seeking to elevate their craft. The intricate design of the tree-like shape allows for easy customization, enabling lash artists to achieve a wide range of looks, from subtly enhanced to boldly glamorous.

What is 5DW Clover Eyelash Extensions?

The 5DW (5 Dimensional Weave) Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions mark a revolutionary leap in the world of eyelash artistry. With a unique design featuring five individual hairs intricately woven into one fan, each hair having two-ply strands, these extensions offer a multi-dimensional and lush appearance.

The "clover" element in the design adds a touch of symmetry and balance, creating a visually striking effect that enhances the natural beauty of your eyelashes. The meticulous craftsmanship behind the 5DW Clover Premade Fans ensures that each fan is a masterpiece, delivering both volume and texture for a captivating look.


The incorporation of two-ply hairs adds an extra layer of thickness and fullness to each strand, contributing to the overall lush and luxurious feel of the eyelash extensions. This advanced weaving technique creates a seamless blend with your natural lashes, giving you a glamorous yet natural appearance.

What is 4D Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions?

The 4D Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions represent a sophisticated and visually appealing innovation in the world of eyelash artistry. This style of premade fans is characterized by a unique design in which four individual lashes are carefully arranged into a clover shape. The "clover" formation enhances symmetry and provides an eye-catching, multidimensional effect.

Each fan in the 4D Clover Premade set consists of four lashes, and the arrangement mimics the shape of a cloverleaf, creating a balanced and natural look. This style is popular for its ability to add volume and texture to the lashes, giving them a fuller and more glamorous appearance.


Advantages of Clover Eyelash Extensions

Time-Saving Design: The premade nature of these fans eliminates the need for individual lash placement, significantly reducing the application time. This is especially advantageous for both professional lash artists and individuals looking for a convenient and efficient solution.

Stable Curl Longevity: The eyelash extensions are designed to maintain a stable curl for an extended period, claiming a remarkable duration of over 2 years. This feature ensures a long-lasting, beautifully curled appearance, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.


Easy to Pick: The design of these premade fans makes them easy to pick up, streamlining the application process for lash artists. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are new to eyelash extensions or seeking a more efficient application method.

Secure Attachment: The extensions are crafted to be not easily loosened at the roots, providing a more secure and long-lasting wear. This quality contributes to the overall durability of the eyelash extensions and helps maintain the integrity of the lash look.


Reusable Foil Strip: The inclusion of a reusable foil strip adds an eco-friendly element to the product. This strip not only aids in the application process but also allows for multiple uses, reducing waste and providing added value for the user.

Even and Full Flower Appearance: The "even and full flower" feature suggests that the extensions are designed to create a balanced and voluminous look. This ensures that the lashes blend seamlessly with natural lashes, delivering a harmonious and visually appealing result.

Versatile Flower Design: The unique sandwich clover design, incorporating both 3DV and 5DW techniques, adds versatility to the overall flower pattern. This versatility allows for a range of customized looks, from subtle enhancements to bold and dramatic expressions, catering to the diverse preferences of users.




Lightweight Comfort: Despite the multi-dimensional design and voluminous appearance, these eyelash extensions are crafted to be lightweight. The lightweight nature ensures a comfortable wear, making them suitable for everyday use without causing discomfort or strain on the natural lashes.

Premium Synthetic Material: The use of high-quality synthetic materials not only contributes to the soft and natural feel of the lashes but also ensures a cruelty-free and sustainable option. The premium synthetic fibers emulate the texture of natural lashes, providing a seamless integration with the user's own lashes.

Professional-Grade Craftsmanship: Designed with the expertise of professional lash artists in mind, the 2024 New 3DV 5DW Sandwich Clover Premade Fans showcase top-notch craftsmanship. This professional-grade quality ensures that users can achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of their own space.


Consistent Length and Thickness: The even and full flower appearance is complemented by consistent length and thickness across the entire set of eyelash extensions. This uniformity contributes to a polished and refined look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the lashes.

Low Maintenance: With a stable curl that endures for more than 2 years, these eyelash extensions require minimal maintenance. This longevity reduces the need for frequent touch-ups, providing users with a hassle-free beauty solution that stands the test of time.


In summary, the 2024 New 3DV 5DW Sandwich Clover Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions offer a comprehensive package of benefits, from time-saving efficiency and durable curl retention to a versatile design that caters to various preferences. Whether you're a lash artist or an individual seeking a convenient and high-quality eyelash enhancement, these extensions aim to deliver a satisfying and visually stunning experience.

Private Label

If you want to make your own lash brand, we accept private label. We have professional designers who can help you to design your eyelash tray, includingpapercards and lash box. For papercards, we can design it with your own logo, and it has limited quantity, 200pcs. For lash box, we have plastic box and magnetic box, also can be printed with your logo and other information.



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Name: Marry        time:2024-01-03 17:10:47
This kind of clover lashes are super special, I never seen it before. Each fan like a tree shape, not totally straight, litter curve. Easily to make volume, fluffy, 3D effect look. Love it!

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