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Premade volume fans custom logo LM

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Premade volume fans roots have good adhesion,will not fall apart easily silk material is soft and light,only increasing the volume effect save a lot of time,no need to volume training,different size can be available,support customization logo.

Would you want to try the Most Popular Pointy Base Premade Fans Lashes?

Premade volume fans can create thicker eyelashes

Premade volume fans are clusters of lashes that are already fanned out and ready for application. They are designed to create a fuller and fluffier lash appearance with ease. Each fan consists of multiple ultra-fine lashes that are carefully arranged in a fan shape, mimicking the natural growth pattern of lashes. These premade fans are available in various thicknesses, lengths, and curls to suit different preferences and desired looks.

12 raws premade fans 8-14mm mix eyelashes are made of imported Korean PBT fiber material, which is ultra lightweight and darker to create thick lashes, compared with classic lashes, premade fans can graft multi lashes at one time, you can achieve a full, fluffy volume look without special skills.


Our premade fans eyelashes more natural and comfortable

The lashes can be removed easily from the transfer strips without leaving glue on the strips and lash roots. Obeya natural 3D premade fans have 2 different length,the middle eyelashes are two millimeters shorter than the rest customer show using camellia premade fans you can get a more natural lash set.

Customizable: While premade volume fans come in a pre-fanned shape, they can still be customized to suit individual preferences. Lash technicians can adjust the length and thickness of the premade fans to create a personalized lash look that complements the client's natural features and desired style.

Versatility: Premade volume fans offer versatility in lash styling. They can be used to create various lash looks, ranging from natural and wispy to bold and dramatic. By adjusting the number of premade fans applied and their placement, lash technicians can customize the volume and length of the lash extensions to achieve the desired effect.

Ideal for Special Occasions: The voluminous and dramatic look achieved with premade volume fans makes them an ideal choice for special occasions and events. Whether it's a wedding, prom, or a night out, these lash extensions can add that extra touch of glamour and make your eyes stand out.


Eyelashes curl for a long time

No easy to fall apart or separate, the lash extensions are stable curl.and grafting easily eyelash extensions, the curl keeps stable more than years and thickness standard, easy pick up, no reidue on lash strip, the premade fans lashes is high quality silk from Korea PBT firber material.

Time-Saving: Using premade volume fans can significantly reduce the application time compared to creating volume fans manually. Since the fans are already fanned out and uniform in shape, lash technicians can simply pick up a premade fan and apply it to the natural lash, saving valuable time during the lash extension process.


Consistency: Premade volume fans ensure consistency in the lash application. Each fan is carefully crafted to have the same number of lashes and the same fanned-out shape, resulting in a uniform and symmetrical lash look. This consistency is especially beneficial for lash technicians who want to achieve a precise and balanced volume effect across all lashes.

Voluminous and Dramatic Look: Premade volume fans are designed to create a voluminous and dramatic lash appearance. The multiple lashes in each fan add density and fullness to the natural lashes, resulting in a glamorous and eye-catching look. Whether you desire a subtle boost in volume or a bold and dramatic effect, premade volume fans offer versatility to cater to different preferences.

Ease of Application: Premade volume fans are user-friendly and suitable for both experienced lash technicians and beginners. The fanned-out shape of the premade fans makes it easier to attach them to the natural lashes, reducing the risk of clumping or overlapping. This makes the application process more efficient and helps achieve a seamless and professional-looking result.

When you're picking up the lash fans please picking them up from the base

Ideal for lash aryists who are not yet volume lash trained or are working on it,if you picking them up from the top you may have issues with kinking in the lashes and sometimes you can even leave half of the fan on the tape.


We have our own factory in China, which can accept customized packaging, which can better help your business

Custom Logo

Adding a custom logo to premade volume fans eyelash extensions allows you to personalize the product and promote your brand. You can have your logo or brand name printed on the lash tray or packaging, creating a professional and cohesive look for your lash extensions. This branding opportunity helps to differentiate your lash business, build brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Advantages of Premade Volume Fans Eyelash Extensions with Custom Logos

Branding and Marketing: Custom logo eyelash extensions provide a unique branding opportunity. By adding your logo to the lash trays or packaging, you can create a professional and recognizable brand identity. This helps to promote your business, attract new customers, and build trust and loyalty among your existing clients.

Professional Presentation: Custom logo eyelash extensions elevate the presentation of your lash products. The customized packaging with your logo adds a touch of professionalism and sophistication, making your lash extensions stand out from generic options. This attention to detail enhances the overall customer experience and reflects positively on your brand.

Brand Consistency: Custom logo eyelash extensions allow you to maintain brand consistency across your lash products. By incorporating your logo on the lash trays, you create a cohesive and unified look that aligns with your overall brand image. This consistency helps to reinforce your brand identity and create a memorable impression on your clients.

Differentiation: With custom logo eyelash extensions, you can differentiate your lash business from competitors. The personalized branding sets your lash extensions apart and makes them easily recognizable. This can attract customers who are specifically looking for your branded lash extensions and give you a competitive edge in the market.

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