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Soft Silk Flat Eyelash Extensions,Professional Eyelash Manufacturer Customzied Packaging Acceptalbe FM013

100% softer Korea exported material
100 boxes
Main market
US、Europe、Australia、France and so on
Flat eyelash extensiosn-FM014

1.Lighter Weight : Flat eyelash very light only a fraction of weight of normal eyelash.
2. Easy to apply : Flat eyelash extensions increase the surface area between the glure and false eyelashes, so, can retain more times.
3. Feeling more softer and lighter , less irrtated feel to eyelids.

Obey eyelash extensions can give you a longer, thicker, curlier and natural looking eyelashes. All the extensions are chosen according to the client’s needs and suitability. Eyelash extensions are great for everyday wear or any other special occasion. It is a convenient, time saving (no more mascara) and the most important thing gives you a brighter looking eyes. 

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Obeya Flat Eyelashes Extensions are made of 100% quality Korea silk material , which very soft , light and natural than normal material . Silked workers with over 10 years experience , so, excellent handworkship are guaranteed. 

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Slip tips of Ellips eyelash extensions looks more fluffy and thicker than single tip individual eyelashes 

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 Obeya Flat Eyelash Extensions are eaily pealed off from the strips, no sticks, no kinks .

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Obeya Flat Eyelash Extensions packed in durable boxes , very safe in during long shippment . 

Private labeling or customzied are acceptable . 

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Obeya Flat Eyelash Extensions : length 7-15mm , single or mixed length in one tray are both available .

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Name: Leah         time:2021-12-28 11:10:21
Absolutely amazing!!! Never had better eyelash extentions than these. I love them so much. I am so glad that I finally found my favorite!!

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Buying flat cashmere lashes from eyelash extension factory,ellipse flat eyelash extensions supplier JN
Buying flat cashmere lashes from eyelash extension factory,ellipse flat eyelash extensions supplier JN

flat eyelash extensions
They are super soft and black flat lash exteneison fact...

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