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Faux Mink Flat Eyelash Extensions C D Curls 0.15mm, 020mm Thickness Private Labeling Accpetable FM020

100 boxes
Main market
US、Europe、Australia、France and so on
Flat eyelash extensiosn-FM021

.1. Split(Y shape) tips---Fluffy or thick effect
2. Matte lashes--Looks more natural
3. Flat root---bigger contact area; last longer time
4. Much softer--0.15 thickness feels like 0.05 thickness;
5. Much lighter---Half weight of normal lashes
6. High quality material; easy to pick

Obeya lashes by Revelation are a new and exciting Eyelash Extension Lash that is adding a beautiful element to Eyelash Extensions in general!  Because of the flatness of  the lash, appeared thicker (like a .25 width) but remain light (like a .15) to prevent damage to the natural lashes. These lashes are flatter and offer a more voluminous look, while keeping application to just one individual lash.  The flatter lash also allows for a more simple application.  You will notice a softer feel, and more flexible appearance to the lashes.  Also, they seem to shimmer just enough to get the kind of subtle attention to your lashes you want! Now some Curls are available in the MIX trays!  


100% Korea PBT material, softer, lighter 


matte black or mink 


0.15mm, 0.20,


J(near flat) / B(Slightly Curved) / C(More Curved) / D(Most Curved)


12 / 14 / 16 Rows or according to your requirement






Default / Customized


PayPal / Western Union / Money Gram / TT


FedEx / UPS / DHL / Sea

Lead time

Stocks 24hours, bulk customer’s order 10-15days 

flat eyelash extensions 6.jpg

 Obeya Eyelash Extensions are Split(Y shape) tips, looks more thicker & Fluffy !

split flat eyelash extensions.jpg

Give you thicker, longer and prettier eyelashes

flat eyelash extensions 11.jpg

Gives your clients a more bold look without carrying the weight of the .20 

flat eyelash extensions 19.jpg

The eyelash strips are easily pearl off from the paper card, can save the application time. 

flat eyelash extensions 17.jpg

The Flat Eyelash Extensions are easily pick off from the strips, no kinks, no sticks 

flat eyelash extensions 13.jpg

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Buying flat cashmere lashes from eyelash extension factory,ellipse flat eyelash extensions supplier JN
Buying flat cashmere lashes from eyelash extension factory,ellipse flat eyelash extensions supplier JN

flat eyelash extensions
They are super soft and black flat lash exteneison fact...

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